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Lighter, faster, stronger, more precise, or more resource-efficient: Do your projects need to be optimized? We would like to show you some of the surprising solutions that are possible. Our “Shortcut Stories” spotlight how we work closely with customers to achieve remarkable results, in fewer steps.



Lighter: Hybrid shafts for an automotive component supplier

Drive shafts for hybrid engines generally have a highly complex geometry that calls for exceptionally precise production, even when manufactured in large numbers. Felss is actively involved in the development work so as to be able to design optimum manufacturing processes.


Focusing on the best solution


Felss machinery allows manufacturers to make sophisticated components such as complex curved tubes or extremely precise shafts. Felss experts support customers throughout the entire production process.

Processes & Machines

Rotary swaging: Lightweight construction and design flexibility


Rotary-swaged components are lightweight and manufactured precisely and efficiently. Rotary swaging also offers a lot of flexibility in terms of design. Developed more than a century ago, the process still has many advantages.

The Company

Successful with Shortcut Technologies

Components need to be lightweight and produced with as little material as possible. At the same time, processes must be efficient. Felss and its Shortcut technologies are a successful response to these issues.


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