Hollow Shaft

Felss Hollow Shaft

The economical combination of various processes.

Hollow shafts transmit rotary movements and torques between parts that are firmly connected to them. Hollow shafts are used when weight has to be saved or the shaft has to have a high inherent frequency.

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Felss Hollow Shaft

Reduced material usage and lightweight construction for resource-efficient results

This Felss hollow shaft was produced with a 90° shoulder using the forming process, whereby a large progressive ratio had to be produced with maximum precision. The challenge was overcome by economically combining cold forming, turning, hardening and grinding. The processes used ensure increased component strength. A collaborative development phase has led to this hollow shaft combining advanced functional integration with maximum resource efficiency.

Hollow shaft

Special features of the implemented solution

Realisation of a 90° shoulder via the forming process
Large progressive ratio with high geometric accuracy through forming
Economical combination of various processes – cold forming, hardening and grinding

Benefits of the Felss solution at a glance

Felss Benefits Icon Faster


Shorter cycle times thanks to processing of hollow workpiece.

Felss Benefits Icon Resource Efficient

Resource efficient

Material savings of 67% compared to classic machining processes.

Felss Benefits Icon More Precise

More precise

Increased component stability through cold work hardening.

Felss Benefits Icon Lighter


Material savings of 67% compared to machining processes.


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