Complex geometries through the economical combination of processes.

Hollow shafts forward rotational movements and torque between parts that are connected permanently with one another. Hollow shafts are used when weight needs to be reduced or the shaft should have a high characteristic frequency.

Felss Hollow Shaft

With this Felss hollow shaft, a 90° shoulder was realized in the forming process, whereby it was key to manufacture a large step jump with the greatest precision. Felss achieved this with an economical combination of cold forming, milling, tempering, and grinding. The processes used thus ensure the increased strength of the component. Thanks to a cooperative development phase, this hollow shaft combines advanced functional integration with the highest resource efficiency.

Added Value

Felss Benefits Icon Lighter


67% material savings (in comparison with chopping process).

Felss Benefits Icon Stronger


Higher stability through cold stabilization.

Felss Benefits Icon Resource Efficient

Resource Efficient

More resource efficiency due to chipless processing.

Felss Benefits Icon Faster


Shorter cycle times in comparison with alternative processes.

Felss Benefits Icon More Precise

More Precise

Complex geometries with the highest precision.

Felss Components in Use: Our Applications

Felss Input Hub

Input Hub

This Felss input hub is distinguished by consistently high spline quality and exceptional surface qualities.

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Felss Central Shaft

Central Shaft

This central shaft demonstrates exceptional splines and surface quality, and the uninterrupted grain flow offers increased stability.

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