Rotor Shaft

Felss Rotor Shaft

Minimum use of materials – maximum efficiency

The rotor shaft is an integral part of the drive train and is connected directly to the rotor. It is used to transmit rotary movements and torques and to support rotating parts.

Rotor shaft

Economical lightweight solution for modern automobile manufacturing

Saving weight in automobile manufacturing is now the established development goal for minimising consumption and maximising range. Radical lightweight construction at the heart of the drive marks a step change in development for the resource-saving and emission-free mobility solutions of the future. This lightweight construction solution from Felss ensures weight savings of 50% compared to solidly manufactured shafts – and it is all down to the way different cold forming processes interact intelligently to achieve a high level of functional integration. The Felss rotor shaft is synonymous with economical and resource-efficient component manufacturing.

Rotor shaft

Special features of the implemented solution

Distribution of the material along the functional outer contour
Intelligent interaction between different processes to harness the advantages of each one
Minimisation of wall thicknesses in the area of power transmission

Benefits of the Felss solution at a glance

Felss Benefits Icon Stronger


A component that is 50% more resilient than one produced by machining – due to the continuous grain structure, among other factors.

Felss Benefits Icon Resource Efficient

Resource efficient

Material savings and a process that is 70% more resource-efficient than machining.

Felss Benefits Icon Lighter


50% weight reduction compared to solid drive shafts produced by machining.


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