Thinner Wall Thicknesses, Greater Resilience

The side shaft is the dynamic connection between the transmission and the drive wheels. As part of the drive train, the torque is transferred here from the transmission to the wheels. The resonance and vibration behavior of the side shaft has a decisive impact on driving comfort.

Felss Side Shaft

Felss side shafts offer intelligent wall thickness distribution, depending upon the stress requirements, as well as optimal torsional strength and material stabilization. Felss has developed various side shaft models and processes in cooperation with customers from OEM, TIER 1, and TIER 2. As an expert for single and multiple station machines, Felss has realized side shafts with a high precision spline and varying wall thicknesses that are distinguished by a high degree of strength and torque transfer with low weight. This means that less mass needs to be accelerated in the drive train, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and lower CO2 emissions. The range of electric vehicles is also increased.

Added Value

Felss Benefits Icon Lighter


40% lighter – weight reduction with simultaneously improved vibration behavior (in comparison with solid shafts).

Felss Benefits Icon Stronger


30% stronger with regard to NVH behavior (in comparison with solid shafts).

Felss Benefits Icon Resource Efficient

Resource Efficient

20% more resource efficient thanks to a reduction of components through function integration.

Felss Benefits Icon Faster


Increased power density (torque).

Felss Components in Use: Our Applications

Felss Central Shaft

Central Shaft

This central shaft demonstrates exceptional splines and surface quality, and the uninterrupted grain flow offers increased stability.

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