Innovative Process Due to Combination of Processes

The steering shaft is the connection between the steering gear and the steering column. It ensures that the relative movements that occur between the driver’s cab and the chassis have no influence on steering behavior while driving.

Felss Steering Shaft

This Felss steering shafts are, in contrast to manufacturing using other processes, produced from one part. This complete processing is possible with the combined rotary swaging and axial forming processes. Due to the single-part version, the straightness of the piece is improved and production costs are reduced by dispensing with welding. The cost savings resulting from lightweight design steering are so massive that even intervention in a running series is worth it.

Added Value

Felss Benefits Icon Faster


Reduced cycle time.

Felss Benefits Icon More Precise

More Precise

Complex geometries with the highest precision.

Felss Components in Use: Our Applications

Felss Sun Shaft

Sun Shaft

This Felss sun shaft offers considerable material and weight savings with simultaneously high precision.

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Felss Central Shaft

Central Shaft

This central shaft demonstrates exceptional splines and surface quality, and the uninterrupted grain flow offers increased stability.

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Felss Input Hub

Input Hub

This Felss input hub is distinguished by consistently high spline quality and exceptional surface qualities.

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