Make & Buy – the perfect combination

Make or Buy ? Our customers do not have to choose between in-house or external production. Felss accompanies you from the development to the finished component and can even take over your production - in locations around the world. Make and Buy instead of make or buy.

Mechanical engineering and components manufacturing from a single source

Felss specialists enter into close partnerships with customers to develop the optimal process chain. The approach taken is holistic, covering the complete manufacturing process and optionally integrating all necessary steps along the way – process chains à la carte. Regardless of whether the task involves tube forming, rotary swaging or axial forming and whether additional surface treatment is required, Felss integrates all other necessary processes with its own core technologies.  And that’s not all: The customer can then decide whether to produce on their own system or to outsource the work to Felss Rotaform – or even use a combination of the two.

Make: mechanical engineering at its best

Even while developing the component, Felss cooperates closely with the customer to ensure optimal design of the transfer systems and integration into the existing production process. Sole responsibility for value creation and for the control and optimization of processes then lies with the customer. But customers can count on the support of the Felss Service team at all times: They not only undertake maintenance and training, but also provide new tools and can further develop and expand the capabilities of the system on request.

Buy: Component manufacturing with know-how

The special strength of the Felss Group lies in the fact that they not only have expertise in machine engineering & construction, but also in component manufacture. Felss Rotaform is backed by the entire know-how of the group and manufactures your components on systems specifically designed for the task. The company has long moved away from focusing solely on its core technologies, undertaking non-core work such as turning, grinding, polishing, and assembly on request. For customers, the ‘Buy’ option means that their capital is not tied up in production facilities, giving them greater liquidity. And as additional benefits, particularly in overseas markets: No systems have to be installed and no operators trained to run them.

International network

With sites in Europe, America and Asia, Felss has an international production network. The entire know-how of our company is at your disposal. This makes Felss your ideal partner for components that are needed within the framework of global platform strategies at different sites throughout the world. Development takes place centrally and is reliably transferred by us to other Felss plants. For our customers this means minimizing time and labor, costs and risks during series start-up. By pooling resources from our plants, capacity peaks can be absorbed and series start-ups can be supported in other countries.

All Business is Local

Working closely together with our customers is the key to success on both sides. For us, this means that we are available to you on site – whether with our Felss experts or with competent partners. What matters is that your contacts understand the general local conditions of your production and that you have access to the essential services you need at short notice.