Resource efficiency for the automotive industry

Industry 4.0 is changing work processes in industry through big data applications, intelligent processes and machine-to-machine communication. Networking, data analysis and automation provide new flexibility in production. In order to exploit potential in terms of cycle time, energy efficiency and many other areas, Felss is driving forward the connection of forming technology to Industry 4.0. At Felss we call that: e4.0.

Leading partner for component production: our services

Industry 4.0 is changing work processes in industry through big data applications, intelligent processes and machine-to-machine communication. Networking, data analysis and automation provide new flexibility in production. In order to exploit potential in terms of cycle time, energy efficiency and many other areas, Felss is driving forward the connection of forming technology to Industry 4.0. At Felss, we call this: e4.0.

The Smart Services from Felss

Smart Services from Felss are one of our answers to the questions of Industry 4.0. Smart Services demonstrate how efficient production processes can be realized with less material, lower energy consumption and shorter production times. In this way, Felss is contributing to the megatrend of resource efficiency, which is particularly important in the automotive industry. Smart Services offer a holistic approach that benefits users in several ways. The Smart Services offer efficient design, optimization and control of complex forming processes: The Smart Design and Smart Setup services, for example, will increase process reliability in the design and implementation of forming process chains. In addition, the Smart Correction products from Felss guarantee maximum process reliability during forming. The aim is to provide optimum support and process guidance through Smart Services.

Smart Design

Goal: Time savings in component development and project planning

In future, the “Smart Design” project planning assistant will use real-time data analysis to create detailed suggestions for stage plans, machine configuration, tools and characteristic process parameters. The starting point for this is an electronic component drawing with individual customer specifications, which is compared with a large big data library.

Smart Tool Management

Goal: Cost and planning security in tool management

The “Smart Tool Management” should later form the basis for your integrated tool store and an intelligent tool management system. Smart tool management will therefore increase planning and cost reliability in the future – through improved cost analysis and reduced machine downtimes.

Smart Correction

Goal: Quality assurance of process and product

“Smart Correction” stands for intelligent, self-learning products for process correction. The development objective is to guarantee high component quality in the series production process by means of constant checks during the process and automatic data corrections. Valuable resources can be saved and the expertise required for operation can be reduced, especially in the case of complex transfer systems.

Smart Maintenance

Goal: Reduce time and costs by avoiding errors

The “Smart Maintenance” maintenance assistants will provide you with rapid support for regular maintenance and acute problems in the future. A maintenance and servicing assistant can, for example, provide interactive documentation and projections for maintenance work on demand. This allows you to optimize your training costs and personnel deployment planning.

Smart Traceability

Goal: Risk and cost reduction through documentation

“Smart Traceability” will greatly simplify the traceability and inspection of components in the future. The corresponding applications for tracking components run on smartphones or tablet PCs and give the user a high degree of flexibility and great freedom of use.

Smart Setup

Goal: Shortening the set-up time for new component series

The commissioningassistance “Smart Setup” is designed to offer fast and simplified machine commissioning when manufacturing new components and to support users when setting up machines. Fast product validation on the machine will significantly reduce the time-to-market in the future.

Smart Production Management

Goal: Time and cost reduction through wear reduction

Using intelligent data analysis, the “Smart Production Management” assistant is designed to make your production planning faster, more cost-effective and more balanced. In future, this will be based on intelligent data analysis from comparative productions and a route-based search for optimization priorities such as costs or time.

Smart Machine Management

Goal: Process reliability and quality in machine management

With the development of “Smart Machine Management”, users should be able to check the current status of a machine anytime and anywhere in the future. Condition monitoring ensures greater process reliability, cost reduction and an increase in quality through permanent central control.

Smart Customer Setup

Goal: Reduce time and costs and improve quality

The “Smart Customer Setup” conversion assistant will ensure complete and error-free conversions in future. An assistance system will accompany and support the machine operator during the entire changeover process. The Customer Setup offers you stable changeover quality with flexible personnel deployment planning, as no special know-how is required for the changeover.

Smart Optimize

Goal: Optimization of processes such as cycle time and service life

As a process optimization assistant, “Smart Optimize” is intended to support users in the future in reacting more flexibly to deviating customer requirements and operational workloads. To this end, various functionalities of the “Smart Services” would later be linked with each other and a customer-specific database could be accessed.

Felss Edge Device

The Felss Edge Device is your path to our Industry 4.0 solutions. The retrofittable hardware is more than just a gateway: it is the basis for smart digital networking of your machines and the basis for connecting production systems to process-related topics of Felss Smart Services.


With the Edge Device, all important machine, production, process and component data is recorded and stored with high performance. The computing power enables real-time analyses, data filtering and knowledge generation directly at the data source. This significantly reduces the volume of data for transfer to IoT platforms. At the same time, a wide range of assistance systems and supporting functions are available to you in production, process monitoring and maintenance.

Integration in machines

The Edge Device from Felss can be integrated directly into our machines, both for new and used machines, as a retrofit. The edge device is installed and connected in the machine’s control cabinet. Additional sensors within the machine enable communication as well as precise data acquisition and evaluation. We only use hardware and software solutions from our technology partners for connectivity. They meet the highest security standards in the processing and transmission of data.

Your added value with Felss

Felss stands for smart, customized solutions in cold forming. Our aim is to offer you real added value with our machines, components and services.

  • Lightweight , weight-optimized use of materials thanks to intelligent material distribution.
  • More resilient Improved component performance through targeted control of material properties.
  • Resource-efficient waste avoidance and full material utilization through cold forming.
  • Faster Shorter production times and optimized workflows thanks to innovative processes.
  • More precise Highest accuracy of complex geometries thanks to Felss technologies.
  • Tailor-made Optimal solutions, tailored to your individual requirements.

Trust in innovation: prizes and awards

We are proud to have already received several awards from research, politics and business for our achievements in the field of innovation leadership and for our entrepreneurial success.