Aximus V02 axial forming machine

Felss Aximus-V02

Precise and economical manufacturing solutions

Felss axial forming machines produce high-precision external and internal splines on solid, hollow, and extremely thin-walled parts – with short process times and in the highest quality. Discover several examples of axial forming machines from our assortment here.

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Spline on extremely thin-walled tube

The Aximus V02 is used to form one or more high-precision spline systems on hollow or solid parts with a total length of up to 400 millimetres. The vertical Aximus offers a six-piece tool changer and a patented system, which reduces the axial forces and makes it possible to cut in extremely thin-walled tubes. Additional process steps such as thread forming and de-oiling are possible by interlinking the Aximus with other stations.

Felss Aximus-V02

Possible geometries

External and internal splines such as serrations and involute toothing as well as ball track and many more profiles.

Max. tip circle diameter: 65 mm and up to 85 mm with a smaller spline module
Helix angle: possible
Max. modules in one forming stroke: 2.5 mm
Max. external spline length: up to 220 mm
Max. internal spline length: up to 220 mm
Spline inlet angle: max. 29°

Details of the geometry and component sizes always relate to the tube, not the solid material.

Felss Aximus-V02

Advantages of the Aximus V02

Form one or more high-precision splines in one processing step
Save resources through chipless production
Short cycle times
Maximum repeat accuracy over the entire run
High dimensional stability thanks to a single-part tool
Simultaneous splines on both sides in one processing step possible
Axial and radial clamping of the components possible

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Felss stands for with smart, individually tailored solutions in cold forming. It’s our goal to offer you real added value through our machines, components and services.

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Weight-optimised use of materials thanks to intelligent material distribution.

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Avoidance of waste and complete utilisation of materials thanks to cold forming.

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More precise

The highest precision of complex geometries through Felss technologies.

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Improved component performance through targeted control of material properties.

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Shorter production times and optimised workflows due to innovative processes.

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Precision and number of variants

You can benefit from axial forming in a range of different applications, particularly for high-quality spline components requiring economical production processes. Take a look at our example applications for some inspiration or get in touch to discuss your specific use case.

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