Strip rolling mills

Strip rolling mills

The thinnest strips with minimal tolerances and a wide range of uses.

As a manufacturer of innovative high-tech machines, HMP Rolling designs custom rolling mills for producing precision profiles with a wide range of geometries.

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HMP Strip rolling mills

The latest combination rollers for dual and quad operation

Strip rolling forms the material using two work rollers to reduce the thickness of the strip. This process is suitable for processing thicker strips using especially high rolling forces. Two additional support rollers are used to produce very thin strips with minimal tolerances.

Benefits and properties of strip rolling systems

Rigid and heavy-duty roll stand
High precision screw down – hydraulic or servo-mechanic
Versatile mill configuration - 2Hi and 4Hi configuration in each stand applicable
Mill drive as Mono and Twin drive with infinitely variable speed range
4Hi roll set with active roll bending, to eliminate long edge and wave problems
Rolls available in forged version or with tungsten carbide ring
High accuracy thickness measurement – contact and laser gauges
Mills applicable for dry rolling with inner workroll cooling, fl oating lubrication, minimal quantity lubrication
Big Thickness Range, from Blocks to foil - Combination of Brake Down and finishing mill
Monitoring of torques, temperature and adjustment forces

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Added value thanks to Felss

Felss is synonymous with smart, individually tailored solutions in cold forming. It’s our mission to offer you real added value through our machines and services.

Icon recycling - added value resource-efficient

Resource-efficient use of durable rolling mills using highly adaptable machines with quick and flexible retooling abilities.

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More precise

Minimal tolerances even with the thinnest of wires thanks to high-precision tools.

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Rolling mills for the most demanding applications thanks to the excellent quality of the systems – stable processes and uniform product quality.

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The latest measurement and control technology enables automated adjustments to rollers and avoids the need for time-consuming manual corrections.

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