Finest strip thicknesses with the lowest tolerances and a wide range of applications.

As a manufacturer of innovative and high-tech machines, HMP Rolling offers a special design of rolling mills for the production of precise profiles of various geometries.


State-of-the-art combination roller mills for duo and quarto operation

During strip rolling, the material is formed with the help of two work rolls and the strip thickness is reduced. The process is suitable for processing thicker strip thicknesses with particularly high rolling forces. If two additional back-up rollers are used, the finest strip thicknesses can be formed with the smallest tolerances.

Advantages and features of strip rolling mills

  • Stable and torsion-resistant roller stands
  • High-precision roller adjustment – hydraulic or servomotor-driven
  • Duo and quarto operation basically possible in every roll stand
  • Main drives as mono or twin drives with infinitely variable speed range
  • Quarto roller set with active roller bending to eliminate problems with long edges or edge waves

    • Rollers available as forged steel version or with shrunk-on carbide rings
    • High-precision thickness gauges – tactile or non-contact
    • Machines as dry rolling mill (with internal roll cooling) or wet rolling mill (with flooding or minimum quantity lubrication)
    • Wide range of thicknesses, from blocks to foil – Combination of roughing and finishing stands
    • Monitoring of torques, temperature and actuating forces

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      Felss stands for smart, customized solutions in cold forming. Our aim is to offer you real added value with our machines, components and services.

      • Lightweight , weight-optimized use of materials thanks to intelligent material distribution.
      • More resilient Improved component performance through targeted control of material properties.
      • Resource-efficient waste avoidance and full material utilization through cold forming.
      • Faster Shorter production times and optimized workflows thanks to innovative processes.
      • More precise Highest accuracy of complex geometries thanks to Felss technologies.
      • Tailor-made Optimal solutions, tailored to your individual requirements.

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