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The quality requirements for light weight components, such as those used in the automotive sector, are constantly growing. To meet them, processes such as rotary swaging and axial forming are more relevant than ever in the automotive industry. Because they are not only highly precise, but also faster and more resource-efficient than conventional processes. As experts in cold forming, we pass on our technological know-how to users on site in online training courses: to design engineers and developers, but also to buyers, planners and machine operators.

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Despite their many advantages, the high-precision processes of rotary swaging and axial forming are not usually included in university or technician training. So that they can still benefit from the technological advantages, we deliver the necessary know-how directly to your company with our online training courses. In our two training programmes FelssStart and FelssPro, decision-makers and users learn in theory and practice how components can be designed and produced more economically using rotary swaging and axial forming.

Tailor-made programs for every level of knowledge

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For beginners: FelssStart

The possible applications of rotary swaging and axial forming are many and varied. Our online training programme FelssStart combines the most important basics and benefits of both processes and shows how they can be implemented in existing concepts.

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For advanced users: FelssPro

In order to be able to make use of the benefits provided by rotary swaging and axial forming, the components must be specifically designed for the use of these processes. In our intensive training programme FelssPro, designers and developers will become familiar with their practical implementation.

Tailor-made programs for every level of knowledge


Basic training on rotary swaging and axial forming
90 minutes theory
No previous knowledge required
Unlimited number of participants
German or English


Intensive training for designers on rotary swaging and axial forming
6 hours of theory and practice (4 units of 90 minutes each)
For technicians and engineers with design training
Up to approx. 10 participants
German or English
Course book, exclusive access to videos, example of a sequence of operations drawing, and much more

Download the detailed training plans for FelssStart and FelssPro here.

Your trainer in the FelssStart and FelssPro programs

Peter Karch

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Maschinenbau

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