CBC - Combined Bending Center

The CBC family of machines makes it possible to create complex tube geometries by using different bending processes on one platform: Rotary draw, rolling, push-roll or collet bending. Its versatile system concept makes it possible to interlink with upstream or downstream Felss processes.

CBC Models

CBC Compact

Small. Strong. All inclusive.

  • Fast commissioning
  • Lower space requirement due to the integrated control cabinet
  • Arrangement based on a modular approach (standard modules)

CBC Classic

Individual. Sophisticated.

  • Takes extensive requirements specifications into account
  • Complex linking tasks
  • Integration of measuring tasks

CBC Bending head

Depending on the bending task, we equip your CBC with one of the 3 different bending heads, all of which perform left and right bending and can be quickly changed over, and have minimal cycle times. In the case of particularly short tube ends, the line can be turned in the bending heads.

  Bending head 1.0 Bending head 1.1 Bending head GS
Features streamlined, quick rigid structure moving slide rail
Max. bending moment 120Nm 150Nm 150Nm
equivalent tube 10x2mm, steel 12x1,5mm, steel 12x1,5mm, steel
Quantity of bending wings 2 2 1
Application on, for example Short brake lines Common Rail lines Tube-hose combination

CBC Bending Tool

The CBC bending tool is specifically adapted to your line spectrum, in order to obtain the best possible production results:

  • Highest bending quality though a complete tube enclosure in the bending tool
  • Minimized tube collapse due to special tool geometries
  • Small radius/diameter proportion without an internal mandrel
  • Complex product geometry and shortest tube lengths between bends
  • Multiple bending levels for different bending radii and tube diameters