Tube bending machines - perfectly integrated in the orchestra of tube processing equipment

From the fuel line to the heat exchanger tube – there are countless fields of application for complexly bent tubes. The conditions that are generated vary as much as the demands placed on the bending machines. Innovative developments ensure that the bending experts at Felss Systems provide flexible solutions that can be perfectly adapted to the production volume, component geometry or overall length of the tubes.

Felss Systems tube specialists look at the production task in its entirety: The interlinking and automation of the bending system into the overall production is just as important as the integration of peripheral devices. The bending specialists also provide a series of services to assure effective and reliable production. Felss bendign machines are OEE systems (Overall effective equipment).

The systems allow different bending techniques, such as roll bending, draw bending or gripper bending. The systems have a CAD-CAM interface and integrated measuring technology. Within the framework of integrated system concepts, the design of feeding systems and special tools (e.g. for add-on parts) is also adopted.

Felss CBC - Combi Bending Center

Felss Combi Bending Center CBC
Felss Combi Bending Center CBC
Felss Injection tube
Felss Injection tube
Felss CBC Compact
Felss CBC Compact

The Felss Combi Bending Center (CBC) can realize different production tasks. The CBC is due to its compact design a space- and cost-saving solution for  tube bending and is, for example, used when bending diesel injection pipes.

The OEE tube bending machine CBC performs different production capacities and bending tasks. At the same time, the system guarantees maximum accuracy – even for complex tube geometries.

Typical applications: Fuel injection pipe (common rail lines, diesel injection lines) electrical cables, stainless steel tubes, aluminum tubes

  • Highest bending quality through maximum enclosure of the tube in the bending tool
  • Minimum reduction of the tube diameter through a special tool geometry
  • Bending without inside mandrel even with small radius-diameter dimensions
  • Complex tube geometries, short last lengths even on both tube ends
  • Draw bending, push roll or bending with chucks
  • Left and right bending, several bending levels and radii in one tool
  • Short change-over times

Processing time**:

  • Feeding and removal of tube: from 2 seconds
  • Average bending time: from 1.5 seconds
  • Side change (left/right): 1.0 seconds
  • Change-over time: 1 to 5 minutes

** All information is dependent on the material, bending radius, tube dimensions and fitting-nut combination (other dimensions available on request and checks).

** Times may vary depending on the bending sequence and feeding system.

Felss MBC - Modular Bending Center

Felss MBC is our modular designed, fully automated bending machine for brake and fuel lines or similar pipe dimensions. The system is suitable for small and large series and for Prototype production. Should there be a change in your production volume, our modular variable system offers you the best freedoms.

Typical Applications: Brake lines

  • Minimum tube incidence by complete tube enclosure in the bending tool 
  • Short straight lengths by either rolling / draw bending
  • Multiple levels for different bending radii and different tube diameters
  • Bending of flexible and shrinking tube 
  • Arbitrary clamping point
  • True 180 ° bend easily implemented
  • Fully automatic program sequence
  • 100 % utilization of the bending capacity by means of free choice of the bending sequence on both sides of the clamping point
  • Short downtime during product change through universal tools
  • Interlinking of the bending process with additional processing such as shrinkage or marking
  • Number of CNC bending modules can be extended

Felss FBC - Flatblade Bending Center

Felss FBC is the latest manufacturing technology for the production of high-tech products made of strip material through forming, bending and punching e.g. for the production of flat wiper blades. Due to our patented bending process and the use of NC axes, our machine offers the highest quality and the most efficient production.

Typical Applications: Spring steel

  • Through our patented bending process an excellent bending quality and dimensional stability is assured and thus guarantees an optimal basis for .e.g. your flat wiper blade     
  • For a spring rail, your desired bending contour (800 mm length) are set up to 500 bases. As a result, the individual design of bending contour is achieved     
  • With the use of NC axes, very high repeatability and therefore your constant production quality is ensured     
  • Integrated stamping process for middle form and end form     
  • Bending and punching all of common spring rail dimensions     
  • Resetting at the touch of a button with the same punching tools     
  • Production directly from coil     
  • Highest cycle times     
  • System investment adjustable to production volume through different plant types     
  • Very high system availability