Generation e - a new Dimension in flexibilty.

Be it through short-term customizable batch size,  long-term expandability of manufacturing plants or consistent and easy process control. Generation e continuously expands the playing field for the numerous advantages of cold forming , enabling not only more efficient production processes , but also economic component designs in completely new areas of application.

Felss ensures competitive advantages.

There is no doubt that the international competition in machine construction will continue to intensify in the future. Especially rotary swaging systems are evolving into a very fiercely competitive market segment, in which players worldwide are competing against each other; this is the assessment of a current Roland-Berger study. The machine manufacturers at Felss have the perfect solution with their launch of “Generation E“ on the market.

Faster familiarisation of new operators, higher output and mproved production system availability.

Immediate reconfiguration, effortless adjustment to workpiece changes, easily adapted to new workpieces.

Flexible production with low stocks, small batches for on-call orders, effortless adjustment to lot size.

Reduced electricity consumption, discerning use of operating supply items, cleaner machines.

E as in Easy

Stay in control: maximum process control through maximum ease of use.

The clearly arranged user interface and supporting control functions ensure optimum ease of use and maximum process control. For your production line, this means fewer sources of error and a 50% improvement in ease of use.

Feature-based interface: Functional, graphical software package which provides optimum support for operators when setting up or making adjustments during operation.

Ergonomic: set-up Quick-release tool system for instant, ergonomic and safe machine set-up.

Automatic setting for closing pressure: The system sets the closing pressure automatically: easy, reproducible, and not dependent on the operator.

Process-oriented sensor technology: Sound manufacturing processes and safe, easy system operation.

E as in expandable

Future-proof planning through a 100 % extensible system configuration.

The Felss generation e is expandable to 100 %. Easy and immediate reconfiguration and adaptation enables machines to be effortlessly adjusted to an ever-changing range of workpieces. This guarantees you optimum reliability and flexibility in production planning.

Standardised assembly groups: Effortless set-up change with ready-made modules and assembly groups.

Automation: Machine can be expanded almost limitlessly due to cell-based Vario system.

Electric axles: Uncomplicated set-up change as a result of plug & play system.

E as in elasticity

Stay flexible thanks to faster set up times and extended unit-scenarios.

Generation e ensures you are twice as flexible in production. Due to short set-up times and few set-up parts, even small batches can be produced profitably. You thus become twice as flexible with regard to client requests.

Quick-release tool system: Halved set-up times enables batches to be reduced by 50% while capacity is still fully utilized.

Fast restart: As a result of optimized set-up and process monitoring, immediate output of good parts is possible.

Modular system: Flexible adjustment of input according to fluctuations in lot sizes due to easy and fast extension options.

E as in Energy-Efficient

Sustainable production: reduce your energy and raw material consumption.

With the Generation e you can increase energy efficiency in your production by 50%: The new design enables you to save not only on electricity costs, but also on operating supply items such as lubricants – without needing to lower manufacturing quality. That‘s not only good for your pocket, but also for the environment.

Electric axles: Reduced electricity consumption due to intelligent energy management and elimination of hydraulic idle power.

Stand By: No energy consumption during stand-by times due to energy saving mode.

Lubrication according to needs: Lubricants added when required, thus reducing oil consumption and improving cleanliness.