We provide precision in series: the Felss machines

As experts for the automotive industry, we develop an intelligent and individual cold forming solution for our customers with each Felss machine.

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Felss Maschinen Teaser Rundknetmaschinen

Rotary Swaging Machines

Rotary swaging is suitable for forming the most varied outer and inner geometries. In this case, several tool segments impact on a workpiece repetitively in quick succession. The material begins to flow and is formed with great precision.
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Felss Maschinen Teaser Axialformmaschinen

Axial Forming Machines

In the case of axial forming, a toothed matrix presses the external toothing onto a hollow or solid workpiece. The forming is thereby highly precise. The manufacture of internal tooth splines is also possible in this way.
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Felss Maschinen Teaser Tubeplus Maschinen

Tube+ Machine

The Tube+ process developed by Felss enables the partial thickening of wall thicknesses. Thanks to the intelligent interplay of several axes and tools, the area to be thickened is continuously cold formed.
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Felss Maschinen Teaser Maschinen zur Endenbearbeitung

Machines for Ends Processing

In the case of ends processing, the most varied flange forms are applied to the tube ends. The tube ends processing procedure is based on the fact that the workpiece is fixed and the tool moves around the component.
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Felss Maschinen Teaser Biegemaschinen

Bending Machines

Both tubes and flat plates are produced with the various Felss bending processes. Felss offers turnkey system solutions that are perfectly interlinked and eliminate manual labor.
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Felss Maschinen Teaser Transferanlagen

Transfer Systems

Felss transfer systems stand for the optimal interlinking of various technologies for complex tube geometries. This interlinking of various processing steps makes it possible to produce ready-to-install, complex components in only one run.
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Our Mechanical Engineering

Felss World Map Systems

Felss develops and builds the most sophisticated machines at two locations in Germany. As experts in lightweight design, we realize optimal solutions and processes for our customers – from product development to the machine. With our works in Königsbach-Stein and Nesselwang, we cover all technology segments of the Felss Group in mechanical engineering.

Rotary swaging and axial forming
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Tube bending, flat plate bending, Tube+, and ends processing
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