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The Right Process for Every Requirement

The consistent increase of requirements for automotive components is a challenge for Felss technologies. The processes are constantly advanced and innovative approaches for chipless cold forming are developed with the expertise of the entire Felss Group and our many years of experience in the construction of machines for tube processing.

Felss Teaser Rotary Swaging

Rotary Swaging

Rotary swaging is suitable for forming the most varied outer and inner geometries. Here, several tool segments repeatedly and simultaneously act upon a workpiece in quick succession. The material begins to flow and is formed with great precision.

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Felss Teaser Axial Forming

Axial Forming

With axial forming, a matrix forms the desired profile on a hollow or solid workpiece. In this way, the manufacture of external and internal toothing systems, dropped centers, and the most varied profiles is possible. The forming is thereby highly precise.

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Felss Teaser Tube+

Tube +

The Tube+ process developed by Felss enables the partial thickening of wall thicknesses. Thanks to the intelligent interplay of several axes and tools, the area to be thickened is continuously cold formed.

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Felss Teaser End Forming

End Forming

The most varied flange shapes are formed precisely on the tube in ends processing. The focus is on the geometry of the flange and the minimal roughness of the surface – with the greatest repetition accuracy.

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Felss Teaser Bending


Felss bending machines fulfill the requirements for a high degree of bending precision, low scattering, and the flexible production of small and large series – perfectly adapted to production volume, component geometry, and the degree of automation.

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Discover a selection of our applications for various market segments

Felss – Industry Picture – Drive


Create new production concepts and benefits for the drive through lightweight design and precision.

Felss – Industry Picture – Steering


Encountering the increasing requirements of components in the steering area with cost-efficient solutions.

Felss – Industry Picture – Transmission


Unite thin wall thicknesses and a high degree of resilience with Felss technologies.

Felss – Industry Picture – Electromobility


Mastering the challenges of electromobility with lightweight design solutions.

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