Tube Thickening with the Cold Forming Process

Thanks to the process of the same name, the Felss Tube+ machine enables a partial increase in the wall thickness of tubes in the cold forming process, and thus the greatest possible component accuracy.

The Tube+ Machine

About the Machine

The Tube+ machine offers partial thickening of the walls of a thin-walled blank. The Tube+ process of the same name developed by Felss enables an increase in wall thickness through a cold forming process, and thus the greatest possible component accuracy. Tube+ is an alternative to heat forming. Greater measurement accuracy can be achieved in comparison with heat forming, and process steps, blank costs, and cycle times can often be saved. Thus, despite the high degree of forming, a heat supply and large forming presses can often be dispensed with. Together with the saving of process steps, Tube+ in this way ensures an increase in economic efficiency. The Tube+ machine is currently a prototype in a horizontal version and produces tubes thickened on one side as preliminary stages for pitman arm shafts. In future, the machine will be available according to the module principle for various market segments with customer-oriented products. This means that it will also be possible in future to manufacture drive shafts with both ends thickened using our Tube+ process.

  • Higher forming degrees possible
  • Increased stabilization of the complete component
  • Saving of process steps
  • Short process times
  • Lower blank costs
  • Calibration of the complete component (also in the nonthickened area)

Machine in Detail

Become familiar with some of the added values of our Tube+ machine

Felss Benefits Icon Lighter


Weight-optimized use of materials through intelligent material distribution.

Felss Benefits Icon Stronger


Increased stability over the entire component length, up to 50% in the thickened area.

Felss Benefits Icon Resource Efficient

Resource Efficient

Avoidance of trash and reduction of process steps.

Felss Benefits Icon Faster


Short cycle times.

Felss Benefits Icon More Precise

More Precise

High dimensional stability, narrow tolerances, high surface quality.

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