The Process: Tube+

The Tube+ process developed by Felss for the first time enables a partial tube widening with the cold forming process. With Tube+, a partial thickening of components outwards is possible. In the process, the components are formed through controlled upsetting, whereby the workpiece is checked by a completely enveloping sheathing. This ensures an even wall increase of more than 100 percent in the thickened area. The unprocessed part is at the same time calibrated to a very low tolerance by the process, which makes the tube more precise. The process is used in the manufacture of preliminary stages, which contribute to the simplification of the process chain in the subsequent steps.

The Felss Process: Tube+

Felss Processes Tube+
Felss Technology Tube+
Felss Technology Tube+
Felss Technology Tube+

Added Value

Felss Benefits Icon Lighter


Thin-walled tubes are only thickened at desired points.

Felss Benefits Icon Stronger


High degree of stabilization of the material.

Felss Benefits Icon Resource Efficient

Resource Efficient

Reduction of process steps.

Felss Benefits Icon Faster


Short process times.

Felss Benefits Icon More Precise

More Precise

Very high diameter and run-out accuracy.

Versatile and Resource­Efficient Cold Forming

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