Precise and economical manufacturing solutions with axial forming

Axial forming in detail

You can benefit from axial forming in lots of different applications but it is particularly beneficial for high-quality spline components requiring economical production processes. With the axial forming process, all spline dimensions are specified with maximum precision. Given that the teeth are an exact copy of the tool, there is absolutely no risk of pitch errors. The profiles are highly precise and the root circle radius is fully symmetrical, thereby increasing the fatigue strength considerably. Each component is produced within short process times and – in contrast to manufacturing processes that rely on cutting – the components become stronger as a result of the process.

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How does axial forming work?

Our patented recursive axial forming process relies on a really straightforward principle: A spline tool presses the external splines against a hollow or solid material in an axial direction. The forming process is highly precise because all the teeth are formed directly at the same time using a one-piece tool. Consequently, the use of a precise tool results in precise splines. Internal splines are manufactured in exactly the same way. Axial forming, particularly in the case of blind holes, is the key to creating manufacturing solutions that are both highly precise and economical.

Axial forming applications

The axial forming process guarantees the ability to handle a vast array of different forms. This technology can be used to produce a wide range of profiles. As a result, you can create a multitude of profiles, internal and external splines, and blind holes; different spline profiles, such as involute toothing, standard splines, ball track profiles, cylindrical serrations and diametral pitch splines; and special profiles, such as ball tracks.

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Axial forming

Advantages of axial forming

Maximum spline accuracy up to DIN class 5
Maximum quality with regard to pitch errors, profile deviation and the two-ball dimension
Two-ball dimension tolerances of up to +/-0.01 mm are possible, even with cm/cmk values
Maximum output of up to 5 parts/minute

Your added value with Felss

Felss stands for with smart, individually tailored solutions in cold forming. It’s our goal to offer you real added value through our machines, components and services.

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Weight-optimised use of materials thanks to intelligent material distribution.

Felss Benefits Icon Resource Efficient

Avoidance of waste and complete utilisation of materials thanks to cold forming.

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More precise

The highest precision of complex geometries through Felss technologies.

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Improved component performance through targeted control of material properties.

Felss Benefits Icon Faster

Shorter production times and optimised workflows due to innovative processes.

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Optimum solutions custom-tailored to your individual requirements

Discover everything this versatile and resource-efficient cold forming process can do.

The advantages of axial forming in a nutshell

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