Economical production of lightweight components with rotary swaging

The rotary swaging process in detail

The rotary swaging cold forming process enables the efficient and economical production of lightweight components. Several tool segments strike a workpiece simultaneously, repeating the process in quick succession. The material starts to flow and is formed with a high level of precision. The process is suitable for forming all kinds of external and internal geometries. The distinguishing feature of this technology is the way it allows maximum design freedom for visible and non-visible components alike.

Felss Technologies Rotary Swaging
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How does rotary swaging work?

The basic principle of rotary swaging is as fascinating as it is effective: Several die segments strike the workpiece repeatedly at an ever increasing rate. As a result, the material starts flowing and is formed with a high degree of precision. At the same time, the cold forming process causes the workpiece to become increasingly harder. The tools strike the workpiece at a speed of more than 1000 strokes per minute. Forming takes place incrementally, with each stroke performed measuring just 0.25 to 1.5 mm per base jaw. To ensure that these critical requirements can be met, rotary swaging systems are designed to achieve clockwork precision.

Rotary swaging applications

Rotary swaging is characterized by a wide range of forms and different degrees of deformation. It offers a much broader range of possibilities than most other cold forming processes. For instance, it is just as suitable for hose connection manufacturing as for the rapid, high-precision production of steering shafts, drive shafts, airbag cylinders or adjustment wheel drives.

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Felss Technology Rotary Swaging

Advantages of the rotary swaging process

Freely programmable units and speeds
High level of design flexibility combined with shorter cycle times
Minimal change-over times thanks to the smaller number of interchangeable parts
High level of reproducibility coupled with maximum process reliability

Your added value with Felss

Felss stands for with smart, individually tailored solutions in cold forming. It’s our goal to offer you real added value through our machines, components and services.

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Weight-optimised use of materials thanks to intelligent material distribution.

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Avoidance of waste and complete utilisation of materials thanks to cold forming.

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More precise

The highest precision of complex geometries through Felss technologies.

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Improved component performance through targeted control of material properties.

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Shorter production times and optimised workflows due to innovative processes.

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Optimum solutions custom-tailored to your individual requirements

Discover everything this versatile and resource-efficient cold forming process can do.

The advantages of rotary swaging in a nutshell

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