Partial tube thickening by cold forming with the Tube+ process

The Tube+ process in detail

The Tube+ process developed by Felss is the first of its kind to allow partial tube thickening by cold forming. The process is used to complete preliminary steps with a view to simplifying other steps further along the process chain. It can be used to supplement rotary swaging or as an alternative to it.

Felss Processes Tube+
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How does tube thickening work?

With the Tube+ technology, the walls of components can be partially outwardly thickened. The components are formed through controlled upsetting, during which the workpiece is fully enveloped in a reinforcement sheath to keep it under control. This ensures that the wall thickness increases evenly by well over 100 percent in the thickened area. At the same time, the process calibrates the section that is not being machined to a very small tolerance, making the tube more precise.

Tube+ applications

The Tube+ technology offers various advantages and is suitable for all kinds of applications. It can be used to supplement rotary swaging or as an alternative to it – with the added bonus of eliminating several process steps and reducing the machining time. Possible uses include the extension of an existing process or the ability to thicken very specific areas of thin-walled tubes.

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Felss Technology Tube+

Advantages of the Tube+ process

Low material and component costs.
Fewer process steps and shorter process times.
Very large diameters and high run-out accuracy.
Extreme hardening of the material.

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The advantages of the Tube+ process in a nutshell

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