Crash tube

Felss Crash Tube

Efficient production for maximum safety

Crash tubes are components of a structure that is designed to protect parts of the bodywork and engine against damage in the event of a collision. The front bumper is suspended from two crash tubes. As safety-critical components, crash tubes have to comply with particularly strict requirements.

Crash tube

A cost-effective and reliable series production process

Felss crash tubes enable crash energy to be converted in a controlled manner by relying on defined deformation. The area that is deformed in the event of a crash features precise wall thicknesses and is characterised by high dimensional stability and repeatability – insisting on precision in the manufacturing process ensures proper functionality in the event of a crash. When producing the ready-to-install component, expansion and chamfering are completed in a single process step.

Crash tube

Special features of the implemented solution

Expansion and chamfering of the component 
in a single process step
Material hardening through cold forming
Controlled conversion of crash energy through defined deformation

Benefits of the Felss solution at a glance

Felss Benefits Icon Faster


Ready-to-install components in a single process step – Cycle time of 30 seconds.

Felss Benefits Icon Resource Efficient

Resource efficient

Cost-effective and reliable production.

Felss Benefits Icon More Precise

More precise

Complex geometries with the highest accuracy.

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