State-of-the-Art Development Project for Energy and Material Savings

The transformation toward electromobility will involve a high degree of vehicle variety as a result. The e4 Smart Shaft from Felss is a state-of-the-art development project for rotor shafts that addresses these requirements.

Felss e4 Smart Shaft

The e4 Smart Shaft consists of a uniform central shaft of variable length and individualized end pieces, and thus offers the highest degree of versatility of use. Relevant energy and material savings should be achieved in future with this solution due to the use of the most up-to-date processes and proven Felss technologies.

Added Value

Felss Benefits Icon Stronger


Increased stability due to an increase in wall thickness and material stabilization.

Felss Benefits Icon Resource Efficient

Resource Efficient

Improved utilization of resources due to forming processes for component contours and locking connections.

Felss Benefits Icon More Precise

More Precise

Avoidance of heat distortion when joining through the realization of a positive-locking and coupled connection.

Felss Components in Use: Our Applications

Felss Hollow Shaft

Hollow Shaft

This hollow shaft unites advanced function integration with the highest resource efficiency and increased component strength.

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Felss Steering Shaft

Steering Shaft

This Felss steering shaft is, in contrast to manufacturing using other processes, produced from one part.

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