Sun shaft

Felss Sun Shaft

Quick and economical cold forming solution

This Felss sun shaft was manufactured for a customer by using rotary swaging for the outer and inner contours in conjunction with axial forming for the splines. The lightweight solution allows for considerable savings in material 
and weight while maintaining a high level of precision. Thanks to the reduction in material and increase in production quality and speed, the classic mix of processes required to machine a sun shaft can be eliminated: turning the outer contour, rolling the spline on solid material, boring and turning out the inside.

Benefits of the Felss solution at a glance

Felss Benefits Icon Stronger


Short cycle times of approx. 12 seconds for applying the splines.

Felss Benefits Icon Resource Efficient

Resource efficient

Fewer processing steps thanks to cold work hardening by rotary swaging.

Felss Benefits Icon More Precise

More precise

Wall thickness under the spline of <1.7 mm, possible as a result of recursive module.

Felss Benefits Icon Lighter


Significant weight and material savings through processing of the hollow component.

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