Flat Blade Bending Center FBC

Flat Blade Bending Center FBC

Outstanding bending quality and short change-over times

The Flat Blade Bending Center FBC is a bending-stamping system for the production of spring rails and flat wiper blades. They are manufactured in the FBC, starting from strip material from the coil, by a roll bending process and a subsequent stamping operation. An additional stamping operation, part marking, part cleaning, interlinking with further processes, such as heat treatment, as well as an additional material alignment process are also possible with extensions to the basic machine.

Flat Blade Bending Center FBC

Patented bending process

The patented bending process achieves the highest bending quality and dimensional stability for the spring rails. Furthermore, a large number of spring rail variants with different lengths and bending radii can be manufactured with the use of NC axes without a great deal of change-over effort and use of tools. This ensures high profitability and quality in the production of different spring rail variants. The FBC is available in different price classes depending on the output and degree of automation and in addition to the machining processes optionally offers remote diagnostics and machine data acquisition.

Advantages of the bending machine

Outstanding bending quality and dimensional stability thanks to patented bending process
Individual design of the bending contour
Short change-over times
Low use of tools

Possible component sizes

Length: 170–1,000 mm
Width: 4–16 mm
Strip thickness: 0.8–1.3 mm

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Felss Benefits Icon Lighter

Lighter wipers, as the flat blade eliminates the retaining linkage.

Felss Benefits Icon Resource Efficient

Durable and virtually wear-free operation.

Felss Benefits Icon Stronger

Patented bending system increases the service life of the wiper.

Felss Benefits Icon Faster

Short change-over times due to quick-change system.

Outstanding quality and individual design

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