Felss system software - machine effectiveness and process reliability

Control and software have a direct influence on the system effectiveness and the questions that keep arising as a result: How reliable is the production, how quickly can a new component be integrated into the production process and how can the output be optimized on an on-going basis? Felss has its own software solutions for control and programming that help determine how efficient systems and machines are in the company.

It takes just one configuration error – and the economic viability of the production can be subjected to a whole series of faulty parts or unnecessary downtimes. On the other hand there is also an intuitively operational control interface that guarantees that all system options are optimally used. And, not least, easy-to-use systems are also quicker to use. From process planning and monitoring to the easy-to-use control system: Felss Systems has developed a whole range of solutions that are used in numerous Felss NC-systems. In addition to special bending software for tube bending machines, Felss also makes its own systems software available for "Generation E" autofrettage systems and rotary swaging systems. They guarantee that the production processes are consistent while assuring maximum availability.

SPOB: Felss Systems machine control and programming

The Felss Systems (SPOB) control and programming interface can be used with different control systems and its simplicity is quite impressive. Even with complex systems it is possible to avoid many of these configuration errors:

  • Different operating modes: Automatic, manual, setup and special mode
  • All languages can be displayed (Unicode-compatible)
  • Program wizard for data management and interactive creation of the sequence program
  • Operator controlled modification instructions for replacing parts
  • Offline version to be installed on every PC



Perfect the processes on your system with the appropriate machine control. Using the Felss Systems “Timing” software, the whole production sequence can be pre-calculated down to each cycle:

  • Timing diagrams for NC machines and systems from all sectors
  • Simple description of the signal forms through the use of specially adapted functional units
  • Graphical editor to quickly and simply process dependencies
  • Clear structure by grouping the functional units
  • Calculation wizard for determining missing details for NC-axes
  • Cycle overview for precise presentation of outgoing movements
  • Demo version


Bending simulation

Do you want to integrate a new component into the current production sequence? Save time and money by simulating the new process using this bending software. The production of the new component starts much, much quicker:

  • Creation and optimization of a machine sequence without occupying the machine (offline programming)
  • Virtual collision detection (avoiding reject parts)
  • Automatic data acquisition (from the simulation to the machine and vice versa)
  • Determination and optimization of cycle time
  • Open system to simulation all machine types



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