Modular Structure and Highest Bending Quality

Felss bending machines enable flexible and modular processing of tubes and flat plate materials through various bending processes.

CBC Bending Machine

About the Machines

The Combi Bending Center (CBC) machine family enables the flexible realization of complex pipe geometries through the use of various bending processes on one platform. The versatile system concept can be interlinked with upstream or downstream processes and offers the greatest possible design freedom through rotary draw, roll, push roll, or collet bending. With the CBC bending machines, customers profit from the high level of flexibility through the combination of various bending processes.

The Felss Combi Bending Center is available in two versions. The CBC Compact enables quick commissioning and requires little space due to an integrated control cabinet. The CBC Classic is suitable for realizing more extensive requirement specifications and enables complex interlinking tasks with other systems such as ends processing, washing, and other processes.


Machine Types: CBC Classic, CBC Compact

Possible Component Sizes
  • Pipe diameter: 3.2 × 0.7 to 14 × 2 mm
  • Pipe length: 90–1,200 mm (optional up to 1,500 mm)
  • Bending radii and straight lengths between the bends: 1.5 × D
  • Shortest clamping length and shortest straight lengths at pipe ends: 1.5 × D
Areas of Application
  • Drive
  • Engine
  • Fluid-Conveying Lines
  • The highest bending quality due to maximum enveloping of the pipe
  • Minimized pipe collapse through special tool geometry
  • Small radius-diameter ratios without use of a bending mandrel
  • Complex line geometries with short, straight lengths between the bends
  • Bending on both sides possible
  • Roll, draw, push roll, and collet bending possible
  • Left and right bending, several bending levels, and bending radii in one tool
  • Visual support with retooling
  • Operation via graphical user interface including 3-D representation of the bending process

Machine in Detail

Discover Some of the Added Values of Our Pipe Bending Machines

Felss Benefits Icon Lighter


Easy setup and management of component programs.

Felss Benefits Icon Stronger


Additional processes like clamp assembly, marking, or length measurement possible.

Felss Benefits Icon Resource Efficient

Resource Efficient

Fully Automatic Program Sequence.

Felss Benefits Icon Faster


Minimal downtimes due to short retooling times.

Felss Benefits Icon More Precise

More Precise

Automatic Calculation of Processes with Felss Systems Program Assistant.

FBC Bending Machine

About the Machine

The Flat Blade Bending Center (FBC), is a bending and stamping system for the manufacture of spring rails and flat wiper blades. These are manufactured with the FBC, starting with band material from the coil, a roll bending process, and a subsequent stamping operation. An additional stamping operation, part marking, part cleaning, interlinking with other processes – such as, for example, a heat treatment – and an additional material alignment process are also possible with additional expansions to the basic machine.

The patented bending process enables the highest bending quality and dimensional stability of the spring rails. A number of spring rail variants can also be manufactured with the most varied lengths and bending radii without a great deal of tooling effort or use of tools using NC axes. This assures a high degree of economic efficiency and quality with the production of different spring rail variants.

The FBC is available in various price classes depending upon the yield and the degree of automation and offers optional remote diagnosis and machine data recording extending beyond the work processes.

Possible Component Sizes
  • Length: 170-1,000mm
  • Width: 4–6 mm
  • Band thickness: 0.8-1.3 mm
Areas of Application
  • (Spring Rails for) Windshield Wipers
  • Exceptional bending quality and dimensional stability (through patented bending process)
  • Individual design of the bend contour
  • Short retooling times
  • Little use of tools

Machine in Detail

Discover some of the added values of our bending and stamping system

Felss Benefits Icon Lighter


Lighter windshield wipers (mounting frame of the old wiper dispensed with due to flat blade).

Felss Benefits Icon Stronger


The service life of the windshield wiper is extended due to the patented bending system (fewer positioning processes in the bent spring rail).

Felss Benefits Icon Resource Efficient

Resource Efficient

Little Use of Tools.

Felss Benefits Icon Faster


Short Retooling Times.

Discover Machines for Other Processes

Felss Maschinen Teaser Rundknetmaschinen

Rotary Swaging Machines

Rotary swaging is suitable for forming the most varied outer and inner geometries. In this case, several tool segments impact on a workpiece repetitively in quick succession. The material begins to flow and is formed with great precision.

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Felss Maschinen Teaser Axialformmaschinen

Axial Forming Machines

In the case of axial forming, a toothed matrix presses the external toothing onto a hollow or solid workpiece. The forming is thereby highly precise. The manufacture of internal tooth splines is also possible in this way.

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Felss Maschinen Teaser Tubeplus Maschinen

Tube+ Machine

The Tube+ process developed by Felss enables the partial thickening of wall thicknesses. Thanks to the intelligent interplay of several axes and tools, the area to be thickened is continuously cold formed.

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Felss Maschinen Teaser Maschinen zur Endenbearbeitung

Machines for Ends Processing

In the case of ends processing, the most varied flange forms are applied to the pipe ends. The pipe ends processing procedure is based on the fact that the workpiece is fixed and the tool moves around the component.

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Felss Maschinen Teaser Transferanlagen

Transfer Systems

Felss transfer systems stand for the optimal interlinking of various technologies for complex pipe geometries. This interlinking of various processing steps makes it possible to produce ready-to-install, complex components in only one run.

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