Optimal Solutions and Processes for Our Focus Markets

The automotive and supplier industry is experiencing constant change. Key today and in the future is to efficiently master the resulting challenges with farsightedness. To do so, Felss examines trend and future themes with the ambition of advancing developments and accompanying our customers along the entire value creation chain to the optimal solution. Discover our applications for our focus markets of steering, electromobility, transmission, and drives.


Your Advancement is Our Drive – Light, Precise, and Quiet! The strict requirements for weight optimization, noise acoustics, and high rigidity are only a few of the challenges surrounding the drive chain. Felss addresses these with lightweight design solutions, because, with lightweight design and precision, we create real advantages for the drives of our customers with our solutions. We accompany our customers for drive concepts from consultation through the creation of production concepts to component design and production.
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Steering in the Right Direction with Felss – Light, Precise, and Stable! Cost-efficient solutions for components in the steering segment. For many steering parts, large numbers of units are not the only factor. In automotive construction, it is imperative that every component meets measurement tolerances in the smallest conceivable range. Components from the steering segment that have been produced with the help of rotary swaging and axial forming are installed in the greater part of all automobiles produced in Europe. The experts from Felss continually develop the processes used for these further. In the process, not only the efficiency of the systems is optimized. The components themselves are also constantly further developed.
Felss Portfolio Steering


Step It Up a Gear with Felss – Light, Precise, and Resilient! Felss technologies unite thin wall thicknesses and a high degree of resilience. Components in the transmission area have clear requirements: high power densities with decreasing space requirements. Felss has addressed these challenges for decades with the highest toothing quality and process security, as well as with expertise in the toothing of very thin-walled, durable components.
Felss Portfolio Transmission


In the Fast Lane with Felss – Lighter, Faster, Farther! Mastering the challenges of electromobility together with lightweight design solutions. Resource efficiency is more important for e-mobility than ever – Felss addresses these challenges on all levels: efficient from the process to the finished component. The components in the e-mobility segment will bring the most varied challenges in the coming years: a large variety of variants, high rotational speeds, and more intensive heat development. Felss encounters these with many years of experience, lightweight design solutions, and the reduction of complexity. To do so, we access our expertise in lightweight design and in cold stabilization. We realize maximum resource efficiency through the combination of existing processes and an in depth understanding of the requirements of our customers: Weight optimizations and cost savings along the entire process extending to finished components.

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Other Projects

In addition to the successful projects in our four focus markets, we also realize sophisticated and resource-efficient solutions in other areas. In the process, we accompany our customers from the idea to the finished product.
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