Precise and economical production solutions thanks to axial forming

Get to know the versatile and resource-efficient cold forming process in action.

Axial forming in detail

You benefit from axial forming in many different areas of application: especially for high-quality gear components that require cost-effective production processes. With axial forming, all gear dimensions are specified with the highest precision. As the teeth are an exact copy of the tool, there are basically no pitch errors. The profiles are highly precise and the root radius is completely symmetrical, which significantly increases fatigue strength. Each component is produced in short process times and, in contrast to machining production processes, the strength of the components is increased.

    How does axial molding work?

    The principle of the patented recursive axial forming process is very simple: a gear cutting tool presses the external gears onto a hollow or solid material in an axial direction. The forming process is highly precise, as all teeth are formed simultaneously with a one-piece tool. In this case, a precise tool forms a precise toothing. Internal gears are manufactured in the same way. Axial forming, especially in blind holes, enables high-precision and economical manufacturing solutions.

    Applications of axial molding

    The axial forming process guarantees a variety of shapes. The technology can be used to produce a wide range of profiles. A wide range of profiles, internal and external gears, blind holes or various gear profiles such as involute gears, gears, ball track profiles, cylindrical splines, diametral pitch gears and special profiles such as ball tracks can be formed.

      Advantages of the Tube+ procedure

      • Highest gear cutting accuracy up to DIN class 5
      • Highest quality in terms of pitch error, profile deviation and two-ball dimension
      • Two-ball dimension tolerances of up to +/-0.01mm also possible for cm/cmk values
      • Highest output of up to 5 parts/minute

          Your added value with Felss

          Felss stands for smart, customized solutions in cold forming. Our aim is to offer you real added value with our machines, components and services.

          • Lightweight , weight-optimized use of materials thanks to intelligent material distribution.
          • More resilient Improved component performance through targeted control of material properties.
          • Resource-efficient waste avoidance and full material utilization through cold forming.
          • Faster Shorter production times and optimized workflows thanks to innovative processes.
          • More precise Highest accuracy of complex geometries thanks to Felss technologies.
          • Tailor-made Optimal solutions, tailored to your individual requirements.

          Aximus V02

          Interlocking of extremely thin-walled pipes by axial forming.

          Aximus H02

          Patented technology for the production of internal and external gearing.

          Axial forming machines AFH

          Patented technology for the production of internal and external gearing.

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