Partial tube thickening in the cold forming process using the Tube+ method

Get to know the versatile and resource-efficient cold forming process in action.

The Tube+ process in detail

The Tube+ process developed by Felss enables partial tube thickening in the cold forming process for the first time. The process is used in the production of preliminary stages, which contribute to simplifying the process chain in subsequent steps. It is a supplement or alternative to rotary kneading.

    How does pipe thickening work?

    With Tube+ technology, partial outward thickening of components is possible. The components are formed by controlled upsetting, whereby the workpiece is completely enclosed by reinforcement to avoid the risk of upsetting. The unmachined part is simultaneously calibrated to a very low tolerance by the process, making the tube more precise.

    Tube+ applications

    The Tube+ technology offers various advantages and applications and represents a supplement or alternative to rotary swaging – several process steps can be saved and the processing time shortened. Possible applications include process expansion or the targeted thickening of thin-walled pipes.

      Advantages of the Tube+ procedure

      • Low material and component costs.
      • Savings in process steps with short process times.
      • Very high diameter and concentricity.
      • High solidification of the material.

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          • Lightweight , weight-optimized use of materials thanks to intelligent material distribution.
          • More resilient Improved component performance through targeted control of material properties.
          • Resource-efficient waste avoidance and full material utilization through cold forming.
          • Faster Shorter production times and optimized workflows thanks to innovative processes.
          • More precise Highest accuracy of complex geometries thanks to Felss technologies.
          • Tailor-made Optimal solutions, tailored to your individual requirements.

          Tube+ machine

          Reduction of process steps through pipe thickening.

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